Criminal justice:

The private-prison industry has one big client that no one talks about

Airbnb is grappling with how to treat people with criminal convictions

The US government is already quietly backing out of its promise to phase out private prisons

Female prison workers, harassed by inmates and ignored by bosses, stood up for their rights—and won

Are video visits a smart innovation for jails–or yet another way to exploit families?

A shoplifting solution billed as enlightened was ruled to be “textbook extortion”

What happens when you perform "The Vagina Monologues" at a male prison

One in 14 Americans will grow up with a parent in prison

The US mass incarceration crisis can't be fixed until we realize we've been looking at the problem all wrong

What would happen if felons could vote in the 2016 election? 

Sneaker brands matter the most in jail

Jury duty is still an expensive waste of time, even though US courts know how to fix it


Do teens use Facebook? It depends on their family’s income

Facebook is a perfect place for conspiracy theories like QAnon to evolve

Why is Instagram censoring a 1992 poem revered by the LGBTQ community?

Ballet shows what’s wrong with Instagram

Facebook isn’t acting on one of its promises to fight fake news

Facebook’s algorithm change could affect how cops speak to citizens

Facebook content is convenient evidence for prosecutors, but not for defendants

There's a strong new influence on the outcome of violent police encounters: Facebook

Please stop trying to use Facebook to call the police

Instagram is a hyper-charged “I voted” sticker

Facebook is still struggling with the difference between hate speech and censorship


Women for and against Trump discuss women’s rights in a post-Obama America

We asked a bunch of Trump supporters at a “DeploraBall” about what it means to be a deplorable

"A war zone:" Gun violence in Cleveland through the eyes of a 19-year-old black woman, far from the RNC

Why young women reject Hillary Clinton's brand of feminism

In a US suburb famous for its battle with neo-Nazis, Donald Trump brings back unwelcome memories


From communism to capitalism: how Christmas gift-giving has changed in Poland

Poland is in the middle of an existential struggle over the shape of its democracy

The ideological battle dividing the world is perfectly illustrated by this fight over a Polish museum

Social justice and human rights: 

Texas, the most welcoming US state for refugees, turned its back on Syrians

The most crucial item that migrants and refugees carry is a smartphone

5,000 dresses in a soccer stadium help Kosovo talk about wartime rape

There is only one way to undo decades of ingrained institutional sexism in the US military


My bizarre weekend in Gilmore Girls’ real-life Stars Hollow blurred the lines between reality and fiction

The New York Times (Op-Talk)

You May Have Missed It, but There Was an Election Debate on Criminal Justice Reform

The Case Against the Death Penalty — From the Right

Should a Child Offender Be Treated as an Adult?

Should We Continue to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals?

Yes Means Yes: The Big Consent Debate


Why Do We Still Care About the Confederate Flag?

Is NATO a Bulwark in Need of Reform or a Relic?

What Ukraine’s Watershed Election Says About Its Fears and Hopes

The Climate Movement Is About Much More Than Just Climate


‘Twin Peaks’ Will Be Back to Haunt Us, and Everyone Rejoices

Why Are We So Obsessed With ‘Gilmore Girls’?

How a Revelation About Hello Kitty’s Identity Blew Everyone’s Mind

Our New Culture War: Do You Recline, or Decline?

How Women Talk About Clothes

The Cost of Being Cool

Foreign Policy Magazine:

The Fascists Are Coming! The Fascists Are Coming! - Dispatch from Kiev 

The Revolution Has Not Been Finalized - Dispatch from Kiev

Pussy Riot Comes to Brooklyn Only to Go Mainstream

The Day The Kremlin's Propaganda Machine Came to Washington 

From Brooklyn To Kiev, How #DigitalMaidan Went Viral 

The New York Times (news):

In Warsaw, Rainbow Sculpture Draws Attacks (wrote)

Polish Newspaper Report on 2010 Crash Causes Furor (co-authored)

Polish Museum Repairs a Tie to a Jewish Past (contributed reporting)

Catholics React With Shock, Sympathy and Muted Criticism (contributed reporting)

How the Presidential Campaign Is Being Viewed Around the World (contributed reporting)

Economic Gloom in Europe Barely Touches Proud Poland (contributed reporting)